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Before you apply for a residential retreat at Nisala, kindly make note of the following:

Make sure you can commit yourself for the duration of the retreat, without the use of phones, the internet, etc., before applying.   

Please go through the Nisala retreat procedure and the time-table before sending your application.


We appreciate your commitment to participating in a retreat at Nisala. In case you have to cancel a retreat that you have booked, please note that our retreat cancellation policies would apply, for the present and subsequent retreats.


All retreat reservations are handled by the Nisala team through emails. Therefore please make sure you provide  accurate email addresses.
Please do not apply for others. Each participant has to apply separately after reading and understanding the rules and guidelines of the retreat.

You are expected to respond to our emails when confirming the retreat.


Non response will invalidate your retreat application within a stipulated time.

Which retreat date are you applying for? (choose one)
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