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Indulge in the joy of giving and support Residential Retreat Meals at Nisala!

Acharin's teachings at the Nisala Foundation have guided countless individuals towards profound relaxation and inner silence. Our retreats welcome people from all walks of life, including children from ages 10 and above, and members of the clergy. However, we recognize that not everyone can easily afford donations for these transformative events. As our retreats solely rely on donations and with a growing demand for them, we are reaching out to kind-hearted individuals like you to sponsor some of our retreats, either fully or partially.

Your contribution can make a significant difference, offering the timely gift of inner peace to those seeking solace in today's fast-paced society.

Support Residential Retreat Meals:

For each residential retreat, the cost is LKR 210,000 (USD 652) for 40 participants, covering morning tea, breakfast, morning snacks, lunch with desserts, evening tea with snacks, a comforting light meal, and herbal drinks.

How You Can Help:

1. Full Retreat Sponsorship:
Your generous donation can fully sponsor a retreat, providing nourishing meals for all participants, enabling them to focus on their transformative journey without financial worries.  Make Full Sponsorship


2. Partial Retreat Sponsorship: 
Every contribution counts! Even a partial sponsorship can support meal provisions and contribute to the overall retreat experience.  Make Partial Sponsorship


3. Meal Contribution per Day:
f you prefer, you can opt to sponsor meals for specific days of the retreat. Your support on a per-day basis ensures that participants receive nourishment throughout their stay. Make Per Day Sponsorship


**Make a Difference Today:**

To make your donation, you can easily and securely transfer your contribution to Nisala Meditation Center's account at Sampath Bank, Digana Branch. Account Number: 10856 1002 758, Swift Code: BSAMLKLX. Once you make the deposit, kindly inform us through a note or email, and we will provide you with a heartfelt acknowledgment and an official receipt.

For international donors, we also offer the convenience of donating through Transferwise, making the process smooth and efficient.

**Your Gift of Nourishment:**

By supporting Residential Retreat Meals, you offer more than just food; you provide sustenance for transformation and self-discovery. Your kindness will nourish the bodies and souls of those on their inner journey, empowering them to experience the magic of stillness and self-awareness.

Join us in creating a positive impact, where every meal becomes an opportunity for spiritual growth and inner peace. Your generosity resonates with those seeking sanctuary in their hearts.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and compassion. Together, let's foster an environment where inner peace is accessible to all through the power of Residential Retreat Meals.

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