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Pay for One-On-One Sessions


Payment Options

Acharin offers five different pricing levels, each catering to different financial capabilities and healing needs. This approach allows clients to choose the level that best aligns with their financial resources or what they feel comfortable offering. The levels range from Level 1, which is the most affordable, to Level 5, offering a premium, personalized experience.

Flexible Payment Amounts:

 You can select from the following payment options for each online session:
Duration one hour and fifteen minutes

Availability : All times in IST (India Standard Time)

January 08th -   11.00  |  12.00  |  22.30 |   23.30
January 09th -   11.00  |  12.00  |  22.30  |  23.30
January 10th  -   11.00  |  12.00  |  22.30  |  23.30

USD 155

 For individuals with low affordability, or comfortable giving.

USD 242

 For individuals with medium affordability, or comfortable giving.

USD 440

 For individuals with medium-high affordability, or comfortable giving.

USD 740

 For individuals with high affordability, or comfortable giving.

Once the payment is done, we shall contact you through email or whatsapp
for next available dates

Make Payments through Wise

You can even make payments through TransferWise. And email us the receipt.
Bank Name: Sampath Bank, Digana Branch
Account Name: Nisala Meditation Centre
Account Number: 10856 1002 758
Swift Code: BSAMLKLX

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