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Support for the Dorm!

New Dormitory Building at Nisala!

An Opportunity to Help Others to Attain to the State of Shunya 


As you are aware from  experience and practice at the Nisala Foundation with Acharin...participants are guided to the state of inner silence and Shunya, in a matter of days, or less...This type of teaching  and accomplishment is extremely rare-anywhere in the world. As a result, the majority of people who participate in Nisala retreats, leave with an experience that would change their lives for good.


A Gift 


When we help others to attain their innermost peace, light, and eventually, the state of liberation itself, it is a gift beyond comparison. Attainment of inner peace and silence, and having an uncluttered understanding as to how to get a fundamentally important realization one could have. 

An Invitation


There is now an opportunity for you to take part in such an offering that will help Nisala, and you and the loved ones: there is a dormitory building that was built several years ago at Nisala, but was left unfinished with the lockdowns- this needs adding the final touches to in order to be functional.


Due to the increase in demand for retreats at Nisala from many quarters, from both lay people and the clergy, it has come to a point where many individuals are turned away each month, due to lack of accommodation. This is essentially a waste of opportunity for the individuals concerned, and to the communities concerned.


Therefore the decision was taken to begin the work of completing the dormitory and make it available for residential retreats at the earliest possible opportunity.


The New Dormitory will Increase the Capacity of Nisala by 60%

The new dormitory will be able to accommodate 18 meditators. As such this represents  a 60% increase in the current capacity (current capacity being 30). This will give many individuals an opportunity to realize their happiness and spiritual awakening (60% more than now, which is quite significant).


Most of the Building Already Completed


Most of the building work, more than 80%, has already been completed since a couple of years ago. What now remains to complete is the rest. The amount of funds required to complete the building, and have it ready for the events, is around 2.8 million rupees (USD 7650).


The Nature of the Contribution


Those who wish to contribute to this project, and those who cannot, are thanked in advance for reading through this message. For those who will help, it will be an opportunity to help many people- that could very well be in the thousands-to find their innermost truth and clarity, for decades to come. 


In addition, this is a time when teachings such as what Acharin provides are mostly needed by people and the society that are going through an upheaval and turbulent times. And the decision to carry out the building work to increase the accommodations at Nisala, despite the current  socio-economic climate, was influenced by this understanding.


Thank You


We wish to thank in advance those who will  contribute to this project, whether it is a small sum, a moderate or a significant amount. 

Support with $100 Support with $200 Support with $500 Support with $1000

Or you can do direct transfers in our bank account. Account Details: A/C Name: Nisala Meditation Center Sampath Bank  Digana Branch, A/C No. 108561002758   Swift Code - BSAMLKLX Also you can supppirt us through Transferwise

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