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Residential Retreat Registration Form

Retreat Guidelines

All participants will have to adhere fully to the time-table and keep silence except when communicating with the teacher (this would also include non- usage of mobiles phone, reading material, the internet, etc.,)
• Abide by  the rules and regulations during the retreat.
• Stay through the entire program from start to end.
• Be alert and aware during the entire program and be amenable to instructions and guidance by the teacher.
• If you are a practitioner with a history of practice in a different meditation tradition, you would be expected to lay aside your past practices and concentrate only on current teaching for the duration of the retreat.
• Be aware that meditation can sometimes induce unpleasant or painful experiences when inner purification takes places.


Retreat Days : Please note: You are not allowed to apply for two retreats or many at once. Please choose only one retreat in the list and apply accordingly.
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