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The 4 Day Residential Meditation Retreat at Nisala

The 4 day residential retreat is an intensive program designed to bring out the optimal level of meditative awareness in the participant (you can refer to the retreat time-table and the list of meditation methods taught for more information).

Upto now the retreats have seen virtually everyone attending experience the state of witness consciousness (the empty mind) by the end of the four days, with many consciousness and energy based shifts and breakthroughs happening during the program.

In this state the student will go beyond the mind of inner chatter, and will abide in a state of peace that is effortless and naturally in the present. This indeed is a profound state that virtually anyone can experience given the right guidance, and at Nisala it is a regular occurence. 


It can be said that the attainment of the profound state of witness consciousness by virtually everyone present in a matter of four days is highly unusual in any retreat setting. 

Similar methods of induction had been there among various spiritual lineages in the past, and are still present today, though rarely. At the Nisala 4 day residential retreat, you would be able to experience this absolutely simple and profound method of teaching and gain benefit from it.

Rules and Conditions

Due to the special nature of the program that would see all students attain to a deep state of meditation in a matter of four days, it is important to bear in mind that it will have special rules and procedures in place that would be absent in a less intensive meditation program.

The programs therefore are minutely guided and regulated, and everyone will work towards one objective, individually and as a group. And all students will be subjected to the following mandatory conditions and practices.
Therefore kindly bear in mind that this type of retreat is not for people wanting to do their own practice by themselves, but for those who are willing to be guided in to the aforementioned states of meditation in four days.

• All participants will have to adhere fully to the time-table and keep silence except when communicating with the teacher (this would also include non- usage of mobiles phone, reading material, the internet, etc.,)

• Each participant would be queried and guided by the teacher every hour.

• Abide by all the rules and regulations during the retreat.

• Stay through the entire program from start to end.

• Be alert and aware during the entire program and be amenable to instructions and guidance by the teacher.

• If you are a practitioner with a history of practice in a different lineage you would be expected to lay aside your past practices and concentrate only on current teaching at the retreat.

• Be aware that meditation can sometimes induce unpleasant or painful experiences when inner purification takes places.

• Anyone not following the retreat procedure or is found difficult to deal with will be politely asked to terminate the retreat as a gesture of courtesy towards others, and a practical necessity.

Check in/check out time

The participants should arrive at the Center on or before 6.00 pm one day prior to the start date of the 4-day retreat. The date of arrival is the first date mentioned in the retreat listing in the website (e.g., with the listing 03rd to 07th May 2018, you should arrive on the 03rd May and the retreat will start on the morning of 04th etc).

The Teacher will conduct an orientation/introduction session on the date of your arrival. You will be provided with tea and dinner on the day of arrival. The first day of the 4-day retreat will commence from following day morning. Kindly note that the Centre does not provide nor cater to travel arrangements.The teaching session will be over around 8 pm on the 4th day. Participants can leave either on the fourth day after the end of the retreat or the following morning before 10 a.m.

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