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Meditating at Home

Deeply Relax within with Acharin Online!

Guided online meditation programs with Nada  (sound and energy based) inductions  are conducted by Acharin, the teacher of the Nisala Foundation, The Center for Energy & Consciousness Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka. The sessions will be on every Saturday & Sunday from 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm IST.

These sessions are powerful cosmic energy based sessions that will get you in touch with your peaceful inner awareness, regardless of where you are geographically, or what your level of experience in meditation…You can find this out by joining the next event:

How to Pay for the Online Sessions

Webinar Details - Every Saturday & Sunday

4.30 pm - 6.00 pm Colombo time (IST)

Time Zones :  Colombo & Delhi - 16.30-18.00  |  Melbourne & Sydney - 21.00-22.30 | London - 12.00 noon-13.30  | Beijing - 19.00-20.30 | Berlin - 13.00-14.30 | Toronto - 7.00-8.30 | New York  - 7.00-8.30


You can do online payments for the webinars
Acharin's online teachings are provided in such a way that people with different income categories can take part. So the same webinar can be purchased by different individuals by paying a different amount depending on what they could afford. (Please note: Your payment for the Acharin's online sessions would go to fund Acharin's residential meditation center in Sri Lanka that offers free teaching, food and lodging, while accepting voluntary donations).
Besides, what the committed participants of these online sessions with Acharin gain are invaluable. Therefore whenever you can, please choose to contribute generously!
When you make a payment, please note:
  • A payment is valid only for the webinar/s in question.
  • If you are paying for others, please make the payment under their email addresses.
  • Once the payment is successful you will get the zoom link to join for the session in your email.
The amounts you can choose are listed below for each online session:
Saturday Online Session Payment Links: 
USD 3  USD 5  USD 10  USD 15  USD 20  USD 50
Sunday  Online Session Payment Links:
USD 3  USD 5  USD 10  USD 15  USD 20  USD 50
If you wish to pay for both the forthcoming Saturday and Sunday session in one go, you can choose a value from the following amounts:
Saturday & Sunday (both) Online Sessions Payment Links:
USD 6  USD 8  USD 10  USD 15  USD 20  USD 30  USD 40  USD 100

Important : 

1. Once payment is made online, yopu will get teh webinar link  in your email provided. Email :

2. Please mention the payments are for 

  • Saturday or

  • Sunday or

  • Sat and Sun both


3. If you pay for others please make payments separately and send us  their emails to forward zoom links.

4. Please note : You are instructed to join the webinar by using your real name you purchased the webinar. Fake names like ipad, iphone or nick names will be rejected.

5. Please forward this email to your friends who attend Acharin's weekly webinars.

6. Webinars are conducted by audio only. Please keep your videos off during the webinar.


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