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Meditation Teacher in Sri Lanka

Acharin G. Wijenayake, the founder of the Nisala Foundation's Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies in Sri Lanka, is a highly regarded mentor with nearly three decades of experience in the path of self-realization. He is mostly known, however, for his special approach to teaching.

Transmission-Based Teaching

Acharin primarily uses an ancient and a powerful transmission-based teaching method, where he imparts a deep state of awakening directly to the receptive student at the appropriate time. He uses both pointing out through dialogue, or sound, and at times silent inductions, to guide in this manner. Such direct inductions would result in a profound transformation in the seeker, manifesting a deep state of awakening, energetic clarification, and healing.


There are some prominent yet rare wisdom traditions in the world that are known to use similar methods of direct inductions to bring about spiritual awakening. In the Dzogchen tradition, such teachings are known by the name Tikle; in certain Hindu schools, as Shakthipath;  and in the Theravada Buddhist tradition a modality of this direct teaching is called the Deshana Prathihara.

Embodying Unity Consciousness 

In this method of direct teaching, the transmission of such states of awakening happen through the Unity Consciousness that the teacher will access, and imparted to the  student.


One of a Few

Acharin is one of the few mentors in the path of enlightenment who could guide a group of seekers simultaneously, whether in dozens or more, as well as individually one-on-one, in this transmissions-based teaching method. 

Acharin’s Spiritual Journey

Acharin's spiritual journey began in his childhood years, where he discovered his unique ability to perceive the energies of people around him. And at the age of fifteen, he experienced a spontaneous shift in consciousness while walking in a park. Though he did not know at that time what had transpired, the result of this experience altered the course of his life. Instinctively he gravitated towards the search for knowledge of meditation and the path of enlightenment. And just a few short years later, he took up his dedicated practice of meditation under the guidance of an enlightened teacher.


It is this practice that led him to have a profound breakthrough into the Pure Consciousness after a few weeks. The resulting experience left him with a clear, deep and effortless awareness, and the experience of bliss that continued for many months. However, as time passed, profound as was his awareness, he moved into a period of  painful integration of this experience of awakening to daily life. This period saw further shifts in consciousness, many psychic and extra-normal phenomena, and years of cathartic purification. During this time, functioning in day-to-day life became a challenge for him due to the painful and the abrupt nature of the changes that kept occurring. It was this prolonged experience of cathartic integration that led him later on to formulate a highly effective method of purification for those who came to him for guidance.


Despite challenges caused by the deep inner cleansing, Acharin managed to pull through. He emerged into balance and a higher level of wisdom, embodying deep inner silence, light, and abidance in the state of emptiness, Shunyaa, that continues to deepen to this day. And as a result he also was able to integrate the ability to impart self-realization to the receptive student or groups, through direct transmission.  This led him to form the Nisala Foundation's Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies in order to bring the message of awareness and  spiritual awakening to the communities around him.

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