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Acharin G. Wijenayake is the founder and teacher at Nisala Foundation, and the Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies, in Kandy, Sri Lanka. He has a longstanding practice in meditation based spirituality both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Acharin started his meditative journey in early 1996 and began teaching in 2010. A lawyer by profession, Acharin now engages in teaching meditation and spiritual self-discovery in a full-time capacity.

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Acharin is among a minority of teachers currently working who has the ability to directly transmit deep spiritual realizations to receptive students. This transmission based teaching uses the all encompassing Unity Consciousness as common ground between the teacher and the students, apart from several energy-based modalities. This type of teaching, called Deshana Prathihara in Buddhism, or Shakthipath initiation within schools of Hinduism, is a  powerful method of teaching that was extensively used by some notable teachers of the past.


In terms of outlook, Acharin maintains that spirituality is centered around fundamental principles that go beyond specific religious contexts, transforming into universal tenets. And that embracing this perspective allows seekers to approach spirituality with a solid foundation rooted in practicality and an open-minded approach. It this realization that underpins the establishment of Nisala Foundation’s Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies by Acharin.
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