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Acharin G. Wijenayake is the founder and the spiritual head of Nisala Foundation Trust, and the Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies. He has a longstanding practice in meditation and spirituality, having started his meditative journey in early 1996; and teaching since 2010. Though a lawyer by profession, Acharin engages in teaching meditation and spiritual self-discovery in a full-time capacity now.

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Acharin primarily teaches the way to abide effortlessly in the emptiness awareness through all activities (which forms the present, the 'now' ); and the way to realise a deep inner peace in the process. He also teaches complimentary methods that will deepen the meditative experience of the student, such as finding the spiritual heart, and connecting with the spiritual light, among others. In terms of methods used, Acharin teaches through an array of different techniques that includes, nada, or sound based inductions; silent transmissions; and direct pointing out instructions, as well as traditional methods of meditation such as breath meditation, walking meditation, etc.,

Acharin holds that at the heart of spirituality there are core principles that transcend their religious backgrounds into universal principles, experiencing of which can allow a practitioner to attain to great depths of clarity and awareness. He further categorises the path of spirituality within enlightenment traditions into complementary paths of consciousness and energy, that one must learn to work with in order to attain to spiritual awakening. This outlook has guided him to set up the Nisala Foundation's Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies, to disseminate the core principles of spirituality to all earnest seekers.

Acharin has a great track record as a teacher; and is one of the few teachers who can unfailingly guide virtually any seeker- regardless how inexperienced or seemingly ungifted- to experience a deep state of awareness within a relatively short period of time.

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