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  • Can participants bring electrical gadgets to the retreat?
    The use of water heaters, electric kettles, hair dryers, irons, or any other electric equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • How should participants address the meditation teacher during the retreat?
    Participants should refer to the teacher as "Acharin" or use a suitable respectful form of address.
  • How many attendees per four day residential retreat at Nisala?
    Around 40-50 participants are attending for each retreat including clergy, men and women.
  • What is the schedule for the Mindfulness Meditation Retreat at Nisala Foundation?
    Please refer to the timetable available on the Nisala website at for the detailed schedule.
  • How to donate Nisala Foundation?
    Participants can donate to Nisala in various ways to support the retreats and the completion of the building work at the Center. Here are a few options: General Donation: Participants can make a general donation to Nisala, which will go towards the overall operations, infrastructure development, and funding of retreats. This donation will help sustain the Center and ensure its continued functioning. Building Construction Donation: If participants specifically wish to contribute towards the completion of the building work at the Center, they can indicate their preference for their donation to be allocated to this specific purpose. They can discuss the details with the management to understand how their donation will be utilized for the construction project. For more information please contact Dilu +94713876444 (WhatsApp) Meal Contribution: Participants may also choose to contribute towards the meals provided during the retreats. Nisala operates on a donation basis for lodging and meals, and these contributions help cover the costs of providing nourishing and balanced meals for the participants. By donating towards meal provisions, participants can support the retreat experience for themselves and others. Fundraising Events: Nisala organizes fundraising events or campaigns from time to time. Participants can participate in these events or contribute to the campaigns to support the Center's initiatives. Details about any ongoing or upcoming fundraising efforts can be obtained from the management. By contributing to Nisala through donations, participants can play an active role in the growth and sustainability of the Center, ensuring that it continues to offer transformative retreat experiences for all who seek them. To make a donation, you can do a bank transfer in our account or you can do a money transfer through TransferWise. Bank details are as follows : Nisala Meditation Center Sampath Bank, Digana Branch, Sri Lanka A/C Number: 10856 1002 758 Swift Code - BSAMLKLX
  • Can participants leave in the middle of the retreat?
    No. Participants are required to stay for the entire duration of the retreat to fully benefit from the teachings and practices. This commitment ensures a comprehensive and immersive experience that aligns with the goals of the retreat.
  • What's the cost for residential retreats?
    As Nisala Foundation is entirely run by people's donations towards its meditation program, it accepts contributions towards its events, that will pay for arranging meals for retreat participants, payment of the staff, as well as its infrastructure developments. However, with regard to what is considered a reasonable donation, it can be broadly said that someone's willingness to part with a portion of their income towards the event will be decided by their perception of the worth of the meditation event for them; what they could afford; and sometimes, what they perceive as the level of service that the programs offer to others. However, in whichever case, Nisala will accept the donation given with an open heart, and will be happy with it. So please do not worry about offending anyone. Just come and see, and gain the benefits the program can offer you, and enjoy your experience!
  • What's the dress code for retreats?
    During the retreat, it is important to maintain a serene and focused environment for all participants. The clothing and attire guidelines are designed to create a respectful and distraction-free atmosphere. Here are some additional details elaborating on the policy: 1. Simple and Modest Dress Code: Participants are advised to wear clothing that is simple, modest, and comfortable. This includes avoiding tight-fitting clothes, transparent materials, or revealing outfits. Examples of clothing to avoid during the retreat include shorts, skirts above the knee, tight leggings, sleeveless or skimpy tops. This rule applies from the day you come to Nisala and till you leave Nisala. The intention behind this guideline is to promote a sense of modesty and mindfulness in one's appearance. 2. Minimize Distractions: By adhering to the dress code, participants contribute to minimizing distractions for themselves and others. Clothing choices that are too revealing or attention-grabbing can divert focus and disrupt the meditative atmosphere. By wearing appropriate attire, participants show respect for the retreat space and help maintain a calm and contemplative ambiance. Kindly adhere to respectful dress attire throughout the meditation retreat. It's important to remember that the retreat is not intended as a fashion show. Let's refrain from any actions or choices that might divert the attention of others or disrupt their meditation practice. Your consideration for fellow participants is highly valued.
  • Is there a separation policy for men and women during the retreat?
    Yes, complete segregation of men and women must be observed from arrival until departure, and physical contact is strictly prohibited.
  • What accommodations are provided?
    During your retreat days please note that you will be assigned either single, sharing room, or dorm accommodation by the retreat center depending on availability at the sole discretion of the center, and that accommodation cannot be booked beforehand.
  • What are Cathartic Purification Exercises?
    These exercises are integral to the transformative nature of the retreat and contribute to a more profound meditative experience. All participants are required to participate in this exercise, unless otherwise advised by the teacher. Please read our website for more information.
  • What is the cancellation policy for the retreat?
    Participants are advised not to cancel after confirmation. If cancellation is necessary, please notify the Center at least seven days before the retreat date to avoid any impact on future applications.
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