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Urgent Appeal: Help To Complete The Kitchen Building

At the Nisala Foundation, we are committed to creating a haven where individuals can nurture their bodies and souls as they journey towards Enlightenment. However, we urgently need your help to achieve a critical milestone in this journey.

We are excited to announce the construction of a new kitchen building, a central hub for meal preparation that will significantly enhance our capacity to serve nutritious meals to all retreat attendees. But to make this vision a reality, we need to raise LKR 10 lakhs (USD 3323) immediately to complete the ground floor of the building. The total project cost is LKR 20 lakhs, and with your support, we can achieve this crucial first step.

Why This Kitchen Matters:

  • Nourishment: Providing nutritious meals is essential for the well-being of our retreat attendees, ensuring they have the energy and focus needed for their spiritual practice.

  • Capacity Building: With a fully operational kitchen, we can enhance our services and support more individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Your generous support can make a significant difference. Every contribution, big or small, will help to completing the Nisala Kitchen Building. Together, we can ensure that the Nisala Foundation continues to thrive and support everyone in the path of Enlightenment.

Support Now and Be Part of Our Journey: Join us in this vital project and be part of a transformative journey. Your donation will not only help us build a kitchen but also foster a community dedicated to spiritual growth and well-being.

Click [here] to make a contribution and help us complete the Nisala Kitchen Building. Thank you in advance for your assistance and for being a beacon of support on our shared path to Enlightenment.



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