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🌟 Support The Path Of Liberation!🌟- Support to Expand The Meditation Hall

Nisala, a non-profit organization driven by a genuine purpose, undertakes one of the most challenging missions in the world: ensuring that everyone who enters our doors departs with a profoundly calm mind.

Yes, it's true. We grant you inner peace.

Let's take a moment to understand why having a calm mind is so important. When we take our time to think, we notice that our minds are always busy with thoughts. These thoughts can easily distract us, pulling us away from what's happening right now. For many people, life is just about being carried away by these thoughts.

At Nisala, we're fortunate to have Acharin, an exceptional teacher with a unique talent for guiding individuals into the absolute witnessing state, an innate aspect of human nature. As a result, every visitor to Nisala experiences this profound state of awareness. Here, they gain insight into their existence beyond their physical bodies and tumultuous thoughts. Instead, they connect with the silent essence of universal consciousness, which quietly observes all occurrences.

When you realize that you are the undisturbed, silent, vast awareness that encompasses and witnesses all the states of your stresses, pains, life chaos, emotions, and other negative mental states like anger, fear, and sadness, will you still identify solely as a person? As a man or a woman? Will you ever feel stressed again? Because everything happening around you is observed by something in the background, silently.

Millions of people in the world suffer almost all the time with disturbed minds of internal chatter, not knowing how to shift into this witnessing state of mind.

Therefore, it is our duty to introduce people to the remarkable lifestyle that comes from nurturing undisturbed awareness within ourselves.

Because Nisala operates as a non-profit organization, our infrastructure and residential retreats rely entirely on the generosity of donors like you. Expanding our infrastructure is essential to meet the growing demand, as our current facilities can only accommodate a limited number of meditators.

In order to accommodate more participants in the hall, we have plans to expand it, at an estimated cost of nearly LKR 38.4 Million (USD 119,000). While this may seem like a significant investment, with everyone's support, we can certainly contribute to one of the most important endeavors in the world: guiding individuals to experience the witnessing state of their mind, ultimately leading to their own liberation.

Your Contribution Plays A Significant Role In Supporting Others On Their Journey Towards Enlightenment.



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