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The Nisala Foundation
The Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies

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Transformative Meditation Retreats in Sri Lanka

Unveiling the Path of Enlightenment 

Transmission - Based Teachings

Meditation Retreats at Nisala are a Different Offering….

At Nisala, the teachings are primarily conveyed through direct transmission from teacher to  student. What this means is that the entire body of students, collectively, and where necessary individually, are directly guided into deep states of awakening by the teacher. This is an ancient method of teaching, sometimes called Shakthipath, or Tikle, within various enlightenment traditions.  This method of direct guidance uses the Unity Consciousness, the all pervading consciousness that spans the cosmos, and its energy counterpart, Shakthi, to bring about rapid advancement in the path of self realization.

Some of the most prominent and prolific enlightened masters of the past used this method of guidance to bring about rapid changes in their students. And at Nisala Foundation, such direct transmission based teaching is utilized in the modern era, as the main source of guidance in the path of spiritual awakening, albeit in a non-religious setting.

Nada (Sound based) Inductions

Acharin, the teacher at Nisala, employs a sound and energy-based method of induction, called Nada, to establish a ground level purification and relaxation in the seeker. This forms as both a preparatory and a grounding practice that will then pave the way for the transmission based teachings to be delivered effectively.

The Diagram Below Illustrates the Fundamental Components of the Teachings at the Nisala Foundation

the fundamental components of the enlightenment path as imparted at the Nisala meditation retreat in Sri Lanka
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Your Path to Self-Realization Begins at the Nisala Foundation

Expert Guidance by Acharin

Benefit from the expert guidance of Acharin, a world-class teacher who can lead you towards Enlightenment.

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Explore Advanced Methods of Meditation 
at The Nisala Foundation

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth? The Nisala Foundation offers advanced meditation methods that will lead you to deep relaxation, awareness, and joy. Our teachings include breath meditation, walking meditation, and more, catering to beginners and advanced practitioners.

Entering the Non-Dual: Witness Consciousness

The Non-Dual state involves transcending unconscious identification with the body-mind, leading to the experience of unity behind apparent diversity. The entry into this state is through the realization of Witness Consciousness, often referred to as choiceless Awareness or Sahaja in various enlightenment traditions.


Witness Consciousness entails observing thoughts, emotions, and experiences effortlessly and with detachment. This state fosters relaxation and mental silence, granting inner peace and clarity. It differs from actively attempting to observe the mind and requires the relinquishment of mental effort.


Acharin, our teacher, emphasizes that Witness Consciousness forms the foundation of deep meditation techniques, making it a crucial aspect of the path to enlightenment. At the Nisala Foundation, every participant is guided to experience this state directly, simplifying what can be a challenging realization.

Finding the Spiritual Heart

The "Spiritual Heart" serves as the basis for Witness Consciousness and is distinct from the Heart Chakra or the physical heart. Numerous religious traditions, including Theravada Buddhist, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Hinduism, and others, mention this profound awareness. Our guidance at Nisala enables students to seamlessly connect with the Spiritual Heart, entering a space of expansion, awareness, and equanimity.

Awakening Kundalini and Energetic Clarification

A significant obstacle to spiritual awakening is the presence of negative energetic aspects within our subtle energy system. The mind, as the forerunner, can be adversely affected by thinking and external influences, creating a vicious cycle that hampers spiritual progress.

While conventional meditation methods indirectly attempt energetic clarification, the pace may be insufficient given life's time constraints. Therefore, energy-based methods are essential for deep clarification within a relatively short period.

At the Nisala Foundation, we offer various energy-based methods, including Cathartic Purification and Nada Inductions. After achieving a sufficient level of clarification, participants are guided through an exercise to awaken latent energies, Kundalini. The impact varies based on individual energetic sensitivity and can result in deepened states of Witness Consciousness and the Spiritual Heart, along with potential extra-normal abilities.

Cathartic Release and Healing


Release Negativity: Purge stored negativity through powerful cathartic meditations.


Relief and Clarity: Achieve relief, clarity, and improved mental and physical well-being.


Letting Go: Release states of sadness, phobias, fears, and negativity to embrace health and well-being.

Integrating Realizations into Everyday Life

An essential aspect of the journey towards enlightenment involves seamlessly integrating profound states of realization into daily existence. Practitioners should not reserve experiences like Witness Consciousness or Heart Awareness solely for retreats or formal meditation sessions. Instead, they should apply these states while at work, home, running errands, and facing life's various challenges.


At the Nisala Foundation, students gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the practical and theoretical principles involved in embodying Non-Dual realizations in everyday life.


The teaching at the Nisala Foundation's in-house events operates on a donation basis, reflecting our commitment to sharing knowledge. We provide food, lodging, and teaching to every participant. When at the center, you have the opportunity to support the Nisala Foundation by contributing according to your means and income. 

Your support aids in providing meals for meditation programs, staff salaries, and ongoing building projects.

Exploring the Costs


Seekers from all corners of the globe regularly attend the retreats at Nisala: the USA, Canada, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, India, China, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and beyond…

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