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The Nisala Foundation

The Center For Energy & Consciousness Studies

Begin a Journey of Self-Discovery and Inner Fulfillment

Teachings at the Nisala Foundation : A Journey of Spiritual Growth

The Foundational Elements of the Practice

The following diagram renders the outline of the path of enlightenment
s taught at the Nisala Foundation:

Enlightnmnet Nisala.png

Your Journey into Self-Realization Can Begin at the Nisala Foundation
with the Following Teachings

Many Methods of Meditation

Advanced Breath Meditation

Deep Relaxation Meditation

Walking Meditation

 Entry to the Non-Dual: the Witness Consciousness

Learn to effortlessly observe thoughts, emotions, and experiences and with detachment.

Cultivate a state of flow for relaxation and mental silence.

Enter the present moment naturally

Embrace the profound simplicity of the Here-Now state

Attain inner peace and heightened clarity.

Experience the states of Universal Light and Sound

Cathartic Release and Healing

Release stored negativity through powerful cathartic meditations.

Achieve relief, clarity, and improved mental and physical well-being.

Let go of states of sadness, phobias and fears, and  negativity, to enter into a space of health and well being

Kundalini Awakening

Clear negative energetic imprints using energy-based methods.

Experience Kundalini awakening, deepening your consciousness.

Integrate Realizations into Daily Life

Learn to embody Non-Dual realizations in everyday situations.

Achieve a balance between inner insights and outer existence.

Guidance by Acharin

Benefit from expert guidance of Acharin, a world-class teacher who can guide all the way upto an experience of enlightenment.

Receive personalized instructions for profound transformation.

Life-Changing Experience

Immerse yourself in extraordinary experiences that lead to growth and self-discovery.

Embark on a journey toward profound inner transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

Learn and Be Guided by Advanced Methods of Meditation at The Nisala Foundation, The Centre for Energy & Consciousness Studies.

At Nisala Foundation’s meditation retreats you will learn several key meditation methods that will help you attain to a state of deep level of relaxation, awareness, and joy. These will include breath meditation, and walking meditation, among others, in several of their beginner to advanced levels of practising modalities and relax yourself.

 Apart from the meditations you will get to practice, you will be guided by induction-based teaching methods, the most prevalent of which will be the Nada Induction. Nada Induction derives from the Nada Yoga tradition, and the particular method that is practised at the Nisala Foundation is a format devised by Acharin, the teacher at Nisala. Here a medium of sound, together with an energy-based modality is used to get the participant to enter into a deep inner silence and relaxation. And using this basis of relaxation and silence, further methods of inductions, such as the direct pointing out teachings, will allow the participant to advance their journey of self-realization.

 The programs at Nisala Foundation cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of the path meditation and enlightenment.

 However it is noteworthy that the teaching at Nisala is non-denominational in nature, not belonging to any particular religion or faith. In other words, the essence of the teaching is fundamentally spiritual in nature, using the basic principles of energy and consciousness that make up our multi-dimensional existence, to guide the participant to experience joy and happiness in their lives.

 Following is a breakdown of the categories that a participant will get to experience when they participate in a residential retreat at the Nisala

Entering into the Non-Dual: the Witness Consciousness

The state of  the Non Dual has to do with going beyond the unconscious identification with the body-mind. This will allow the seeker to experience the state of Unity behind the apparent diversity. The adept will then increasingly experience the body-mind as part of Unity.

Entry into this state of Unity is through the realization of the Witness Consciousness, which is sometimes referred to as the Choiceless Awareness, or the state of Sahaja, within various enlightenment traditions.

Witness Consciousness involves observing thoughts, emotions, and experiences naturally, without effort. This is a state of flow, of both the body and the mind, that can deeply relax the meditator in a short span of time, and silence the mind. Entering into this state will bestow a great deal of inner peace and clarity.


However, entering into the Witness Consciousness is different from actively trying to ‘observe the mind’, or trying to ‘be in the present’. The Witness Consciousness is in the Here-Now witnessing whatever that arises in the body-mind naturally and with detachment. The seeker will only realize this state once the mental effort is relinquished. All the genuine methods of meditation, given sufficient time and practice, will get the seeker to experience the state of flow that is the Witness Consciousness. However, a qualified teacher can directly point to this state in the student, thus making the student realize this profound state instantaneously within them.


According to Acharin the Witness Consciousness forms the ground of all the deep meditation techniques, and as such is the most fundamental aspect of the enlightenment path.


At Nisala, each and every participant will be guided to experience this state first- hand. Thus making the entry into the Non Dual actually a straightforward affair-which otherwise would be one of the most difficult realizations. (And the reason why it will be simple at Nisala: as its teacher Acharin uses not only consciousness based teachings such as conventional meditation methods to guide the students, but both consciousness and energy based aspects of the path at an advanced level).

Finding the Spiritual Heart

The ‘Spiritual Heart’ forms the basis of the Witness Consciousness. This profound awareness is different from the Heart Chakra, or the physical heart.

Many religious traditions, including Theravada Buddhist, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Hindu, and other faiths mention this state. With guidance at Nisala, the student will seamlessly tune into the Spiritual Heart, thus entering into a space of great expansion, awareness, and equanimity.

Awakening of Kundalini and Energetic Clarification

Much of the obstacles to spiritual awakening has to do with the presence of negative energetic aspects in our subtle energy-system, according to Acharin.


Even though it is the mind that is the forerunner, once the mind is adversely affected by our thinking and other influences, the energy system takes a toll that will in turn negatively impact the mind. This is a vicious cycle that has to be clarified in the journey towards spiritual liberation.


Conventional meditation methods will attempt this clarification in their wake, though indirectly. However, given we only have a limited time in our lives, the pace with which this clarification happens with most conventional meditations can be insufficient. Hence the necessity of energy based methods to effect a deep level of clarification in a relatively a short period of time.


At Nisala there will be several energy based methods that will have this uplifting impact on the practitioner, which includes the Cathartic Purification mentioned above, as well as clarifying the energy system through Nada Inductions, and Acharin’s one-on-one sessions,where necessary.


Once a sufficient level clarification has happened in the practitioner, he or she will be guided through an exercise to awaken the latent energies, the Kundalini. The impact of this exercise will be commensurate with the level of energetic sensitivity of the practitioner. The result will be further deepening in the states of Witness Consciousness and the Spiritual Heart, along with acquisition, in some cases, of extra-normal abilities that will be of benefit to the practitioner in the long run.

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Integrating the Practices into Daily Life

An essential element of the journey towards enlightenment involves merging the deep states of realization into everyday existence. This implies that the practitioner should not only experience states like Witness Consciousness or Heart Awareness solely during retreats or formal meditation sessions, but also while engaged in work, at home, running errands, and while confronting the various trials that life presents.


At Nisala the student will learn in depth, and with a sound understanding of the fundamental principles involved, both practically and theoretically, how to practice and embody the states on Non Dual realization in day to day life.

Yoga at Home

The Cost

 The teaching at the Nisala Foundation’s in-house events are on donations basis, in keeping with its outlook on sharing knowledge. Food, lodging and the teaching are provided for each and every participant. Once at the Center, you can help the Nisala Foundation carry out its teaching by making a contribution in keeping with your means and income.

 You can also support Nisala Foundation for its provision of meals for the meditation programs, and for the payment of staff salaries, and the several ongoing building projects.


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