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The Nisala Foundation

        Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies

 A Place to Relax, Unwind, Meditate and Find Yourself

What would you end up doing at Nisala...


Nisala is a place where you will be guided to meditate deeply, and through meditation, deeply relax, and unwind; and effect a deep clarification within yourself. And may be self-realise.
The meditation and practices at Nisala will be non-religious. Though at the same time, it will have a soul of its own, and be quite powerful-both emotionally, and more.... This secular nature allows Nisala to both innovate, and combine some of the most powerful methods of meditation that are available anywhere in the world. This in effect will give the practitioner the best possible opportunity to enter into an uncluttered space rapidly...
This simple, yet uncluttered space, has the potential to explode into something so profound, absolutely simple, and intimate...And this is a real possibility at Nisala.


Meditation Based Teachings

When it comes to spirituality based on meditation and self-discovery, there are several methods or modalities of teaching. One obvious and well known one is: meditation itself. What this means is that the person who wants to meditate...will meditate by themselves, with or without guidance from a teacher. These meditations can be ones such as breath meditation, body-sensations awareness meditation, walking meditation...there are many different types. But basically, whoever that engages in these practices will strive to develop some level of deeper understanding and awareness through such practices. The practitioner will be able to practice and learn at Nisala many methods of such meditations under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

However what is less known is that meditating isn't the only way to deepen in awareness; nor the most powerful or effective for that matter.  This brings us to the other modality in teaching and imbibing meditation: deepening via influence of Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness Based Teachings

We are, at the level of our innermost being...One Consciousness. You, your friends, even enemies, and your guru, is One Consciousness. There are no individual differences, male or female, cultural or religious differences at that level.  This consciousness can go by many names. But let us call this the Unity Consciousness, as at that level everything is unified-and conscious.

Some spiritual lineages can impart their teachings through the influence if this One Consciousness. What this means is that since you and the spiritual teacher are one, the teacher who would be in touch with the Unity Consciousness, can greatly increase  your own connection to the unified state through his very being, energy, discourses...and even silence. Here you will imbibe the deep states of meditation through mere association or listening, or direct pointings out. At Nisala, you will have access to such very powerful teachings.

Teachings through Cathartic Purification

The other method of deepening in spirituality is through inner purification, or catharsis. What this means is that, through some special practices and preparations, one can induce deep levels of inner cleansing, primarily at the level of the suble energy body and the energy centers. And once such purification happens, meditation becomes a natural occurrence. At Nisala the practitioner can engage in deep catharsis to let go of many burdens and psychic debris that they have been carrying for many years, even life times . There is a purpose-built catharsis center for this type of purification at Nisala.

Regarding: Nada Inductions

At Nisala (and in online sessions by Acharin) part of the teachings will happen through what is called Nada Inductions. This is a method that primarily uses both Unity Consciousness and Cathartic Purification based teachings via a sound (frequency) based modality. This powerful induction will smoothen out  rough edges, and clarify (energetically speaking) and thus form a basis for deepening in awareness to occur more rapidly. 

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Everyone Experiences...

One of the out of the ordinary aspects of teachings at Nisala will be just that: out of the ordinary...Once someone attends a retreat, within the span of a few days-usually just a couple of days-they will get to experience  deep states of meditation (the state of emptiness, the spiritual heart, a cathartic purification, among others)...and everyone who follows the guidance will have these realisations within themselves. In other words: no one will leave Nisala empty handed....but with empty minds!

Such a claim is only possible due to the advanced (yet less known), teaching modalities used such as Unity Consciousness or Cathartic based teachings (helped along by more traditional meditations).

Beautiful Location

Nisala is an oasis of calm...enveloped in beautiful scenery and a soothing climate. Set in mountainous terrain, amidst forest reserves,  paddy fields, and more is the perfect setup for a spiritual journey.

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Outreach Events

Nisala conducts outreach events throughout the year. These may be various professional bodies who have sought out Nisala, or that Nisala have reached out to help. In the past there were many academic or professional bodies that Nisala have conducted events at, in their locations or in public venues, around the country. These have ranged from bodies consisting of engineers, medical professionals, academics, or corporate staff at some of the leading companies in the country. There are also various disadvantaged groups that needs a helping hand, such as people in care facilities, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers, that Nisala have reached out to over the years, and continues to do so.

International Events

Nisala conducts meditation events around the globe. In the past Nisala has conducted programs in Singapore, Australia, India, and Hong Kong, with more events in the pipeline...

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Online Events 

Deeply transformative online sessions using Nada (sound), and Shakti (energy) are conducted by Acharin, the teacher at Nisala, every week. The sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday from 4.30 pm- 6.00 pm Colombo time.


Apply for

4 day residential meditation retreats

Intensive silent meditation retreats are held regularly at Nisala Foundation.  Both new applicants and existing students can go through the retreat schedule and apply for a retreat by submitting an application.


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The Lessons of Light - Youtube Channel

There are many stories within various enlightenment traditions of the world that many are not aware of. Quite a number of these tales can be of great spiritual and humanist value. This channel attempts to bring through animated content some of the most edifying stories that we have come across in over the years, for you to enjoy.


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