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The Four Day Residential Intensives at the Nisala
Center for Energy and Consc
iousness based Studies


The four-day residential program at Nisala is an intensive silent retreat with close guidance by its teacher, Acharin.

At the retreat, after some preparatory practices and meditations and discussions of key concepts, you would be introduced directly to the state of effortless and formless awareness, the witness consciousness.

The effect of the experiencing this awareness will create a profound shift within the practitioner. Deep level of inner psychological and energetic cleansing will happen that can at times be uncomfortable or painful within or without the retreat. This will eventually give way to a deep and abiding peace within, once the necessary clarifications have been accomplished. The retreat is open to all individuals, novice or experienced, who are in earnest and willing to abide by the retreat procedures.

The main components of the retreat

The retreat will have five main components:

Component #1: Meditation. You will be introduced to two different modalities of breath meditation, and several varieties of walking meditation. These would by and large be preparatory practices to ground the mind by calming and making it more pliable and sensitive to receive a higher teaching.

Component #2: Nada, or sound, induction. You will be guided throughout the retreat through an energised sound induction to further ground the mind in a state of stillness.

Component #3: Emptiness (the formless witness). You will be guided directly to experience the state of Emptiness within through a direct pointing out. Heart awareness, a modality of Emptiness, would be also be introduced.

Component #4: Catharsis. This would involve a guided and an energy based catharsis that will allow to deeply cleanse and purify the psyche through a deep act of crying and laughing. This exercise is non-mandatory with only willing participants participating. (Participation highly recommended subject to teacher's approval).

Component #5: Deepening of Emptiness and beyond. You will be introduced to a deeper state of Emptiness through a direct pointing out. And further advanced states of meditation such as the state of universal light and modalities of non dual awareness will be taught to individuals who have participated in the catharsis exercise.

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