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Transformative Meditation Retreats
at the Nisala Foundation

      Discover Inner Peace and Joy

We offer a serene sanctuary for life-changing meditation retreats. Our four-day guided residential retreats offer a profound journey towards inner peace, and spiritual awakening. Guided by Acharin, the participants will experience first-hand some of the most profound teachings on enlightenment based spirituality during the event.

 The following is a breakdown of the main activities of the retreat:

The Retreat Experience

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Residential Retreat Procedure

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Retreat Calendar

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Retreat Time Table

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Your Experience During
Four Days at Nisala

Day 1: Embrace the Present with Witness Consciousness

The retreat begins will begin with Nada Yoga inductions by Acharin. Nada inductions uses a sound and energy based modality devised by Acharin to bring about an almost instantaneous level of calm and ease to the body and the mind.


Thereafter the participants will be guided to follow breath meditation, followed by walking meditation.


Towards the mid-day, Acharin will introduce the participants to the state of Witness Consciousness - a state of non-dual awareness where one effortlessly resides in the present moment, observing the body-mind content with detachment. Witness Consciousness brings immense peace, inner silence, and clarity to the participant. Here Acharin will ensure that all participants experience this state first-hand, and that no one is left behind.


Throughout the remainder of the day, the participants will practice abiding in the state of the Witness Consciousness through all activities, including walking and seated meditation. There will be Q&A and one-on-one sessions by Acharin where necessary, to further clarify the realization of this important state.

Day 2: Connect with the Spiritual Heart and Experience Joy

On the second day, participants explore the 'Heart Awareness,' an intuitive and experiential recognition of the Spiritual Heart. This profound state deepens the connection to witness consciousness by connecting with its root, the heart-base. By embracing the spiritual heart, participants experience a profound sense of inner clarity, expansion, and joy.

Participants are then guided to practice this state during the daily activities, including during seated meditation and walking meditation.

Day 3: The Liberating Cathartic Meditation

One of the highlights of the retreat is the cathartic meditation, a transformative and radical exercise that allows participants to release suppressed emotions and negative states.


Guided by an energy-based modality, the cathartic meditations will liberate the participants from a the accumulated stress, fears, and sadness, and other negativity.


After the cathartic meditation, participants will find ease and joy in engaging with the activities of the day. The exercise will also significantly deepen their experience of the witness consciousness and other meditations.

Day 4: Discover Your True Nature. And the Kundalini Awakening

On the final day, Acharin will guide the students through Nada Inductions, direct pointing-out-instructions, and one-on-one sessions, to deepen the experience of the Witness Consciousness and to create a space for a breakthroughs to occur.


Towards the latter part of the day, Acharin will use a special Nada Inductions to activate the latent energies, the Kundalini, in the student. The energies that will get activated will be accordance with the sensitivity and maturity of each student. The sense of inner clarity, and at times the extraordinary abilities that result in the student, is a direct manifestation of the power of the energetic clarification.


 Through all the four days of the teachings, discussions and Q&A sessions will lay a profound theoretical understanding in the student, apart from the practical first-hand experience of profound states of realization.

A Silent Sanctuary:
Embrace the tranquility of silence throughout the retreat, disconnecting from phones and the internet, allowing you to immerse fully in your inner journey.

Sri Lankan Delights:
Savor the delectable Sri Lankan cuisine served with love, providing nourishment for the body and soul.

Individual Guidance:
Acharin offers personalized guidance when needed, ensuring each participant's unique journey towards self-discovery.

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