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About Us

Nisala Center for Energy and Consciousness Studies is part of the Nisala foundation, an educational trust. The premises the Center is situated was acquired in 2013, and Center was open to the public in early 2014. Since its very inception Nisala has hosted a large number of retreats and events both locally and overseas.

The overall aim of Nisala Foundation is to disseminate the message of inner and outer well-being to anyone who is interested, through an uncluttered dialogue, and practical sets of methods and techniques.

Nisala has a secular outlook towards its teaching and guidance. This is due to the understanding that systems of practices within enlightenment traditions can be understood in terms of their core aspects, i.e., consciousness and energy-based principles, and applied to produce profound levels of realisation in the practitioner; and that conventional religious/spiritual discourse is weighed down by many cultural and semi-religious accretions that tend to complicate a message that is at its very core simple and direct.

Over the years, Nisala has gained a reputation for the quality of teaching, as well as its overall management, which is headed by its founder and teacher, Acharin G. Wijenayake, and helped by a dedicated team of practitioners and staff. 

The founder and teacher at Nisala international meditation center, Acharin, also employs the webinar platform over the internet to teach, with weekly teachings that are popular among many seekers across the world.

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