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Let's Support
Building The Meditation Hall

The current hall,  has a restricted capacity, accommodating around 40 participants at a time. Yet, with the proposed expansion, our vision extends to the creation of a spacious meditation hall capable of comfortably hosting up to 150 participants. This enhancement will significantly broaden the reach of the Center, enabling more seekers to access and benefit from Acharin's transformative teachings and guidance.

Why Would You Help? 

Nisala, a non-profit organization driven by a genuine purpose, undertakes one of the most challenging missions in the world: ensuring that everyone who enters our doors departs with a profoundly calm mind.

Yes, it's true. We grant you inner peace.

By supporting the expansion of Nisala's meditation hall, you are championing a profound transformation in human consciousness. With the guidance of our exceptional teacher, Acharin, whose unique abilities transcend ordinary instruction, we have the power to lead individuals towards a state of profound inner peace and self-awareness. Your contribution fuels this noble endeavor, enabling us to reach more seekers and guide them on their journey towards enlightenment.

Together, let's unlock the boundless potential of the human spirit and cultivate a conscious world where the practice of witnessing fosters blissfulness, nurturing clarity in every soul.

The Estimated Budget

With a capacity of 120-150 participants and a budget of USD 119,000, this project holds immense potential for transformation. Here are several impactful ways you can contribute:

Personal Capacity:

Your individual support, whether through a direct donation or fundraising efforts, plays a significant role in advancing our cause.

Engage Your Network

Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join the cause by sharing Nisala's bank details and spreading awareness about our mission. Together, we can amplify our impact.

Material Contributions

If monetary contributions aren't feasible, consider donating building materials or other resources essential for the expansion project. Every contribution, regardless of its form, brings us closer to our shared goal of creating a space for profound transformation.

Your involvement, in any capacity, is instrumental in realizing the vision of Nisala and fostering positive change in the world.


Fundraising Focus:
Completing the Concrete Slab

The initial cost for laying the concrete slab is estimated at LKR 9,000,000 (Nine Million Rupees), equivalent to USD 30,000. Our current fundraising efforts are centered on securing the necessary funds to complete this crucial phase of the project.

Contributions for Construction Of
The New Meditation Hall

USD 50

USD 100

USD 250

USD 300

USD 500

USD 1000

USD 5000

If you wish to pay more, you can make a bank transfer or through Transferwise.  
Bank Details : 

Nisala Meditation Center

Sampath Bank, Digana Branch

A/C Number:  10856 1002 758

Swift Code - BSAMLKLX

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