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Testimonials: What Our Students Say About
Our Stress Relief Meditation Events


At Nisala Foundation, we take immense pride in the positive impact our Stress Relief Meditation Courses have on our students. Here, in their own words, are the experiences and insights shared by those who have embarked on this transformative journey:

have no words to explain the blissful mind that I experienced through mindfulness meditation. I believe that this is an ideal medicine to free your mind from stress and make you happy.

Consultant Cardiologist,

In the retreat I felt a true spiritual connection to my inner self. The simple and clear instructions, instantly guided me to present moment awareness which is detachedly watchful of all. I was in immense tranquility and the mind was less and less disturbed by thoughts. When I was moved on to the state of awareness of the heart, I experienced profound stillness and emptiness (non-self nature) and was connected to the rich inner life that I never knew was possible before.

Speech Therapist, Kandy.

This retreat is one the best experiences of my life-that required no prior knowledge of Buddhist texts. This Vipassana retreat has given me so much happiness and the best introduction to this investigation of life's meaning"

Civil Servant, Bhutan

The four day retreat provided a great opportunity experience the dhamma by ourselves. Several techniques of Vipassana meditation were taught and participants were closely guided into the practice. Any doubts or difficulties in the process could be resolved during the discussions with the teacher after each 1 hr meditation session. This close guidance made it very effective.

A.K., Professor. 
University of Moratuwa

This retreat has been an eye-opener and quite possibly life-changing. Among others, one very important thing I learned during the retreat was how to stop the internal chatter.

D. L. PhD
Botanist, UK

Even though I had been meditating for over fifteen years, it is when I participated in this program that I understood how to meditate in the most simplest of ways. I feel that this has given me a clear and new direction to my life.

Retired Principal

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